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Our Story

Bri Bella Beauty Supply

Is not your average online beauty supply store


While visiting us you can expect to learn what it takes to have healthy hair. We want every customer to have a unique experience while in our virtual store that

encourages them to come back to visit. 


We have made the commitment to help change the scope of the beauty supply industry by offering a variety of unique natural hair care products to meet your needs and the needs of your hair, whether it is relaxed, natural or in a protective style. We create an online environment that encourages our customers to explore their individuality with our large array of products and by providing educational hair tips to promote healthy hair and cultivate self- confidence without the hassle of leaving the comfort of your home. We believe that love is where the hair is.

Meet The Owner

I am Daria Mitchell - the founder and owner of Bri Bella Beauty Supply Store. I had spent the last 25 years working in the healthcare industry when I decided to make a pivotal change. I read an article that highlighted the millions of dollars that African-American women spend in the beauty industry in just one year, yet about 1% of these women own a beauty supply store. I began to research this further and also found out that African-American women often lack self-confidence when their hair is in its natural state.


Having a daughter myself, I felt compelled to not only raise her to feel confident in her own hair but to also appreciate her natural beauty. I decided to begin this empowerment with a beauty supply store. Bri Bella Beauty Supply store is a one-Stop shop for women to find the products they need to maintain healthy hair and skin. We provide affordable and high quality products so women can wear their hair however they choose.

My goal is to empower young girls and women to feel confident and beautiful however they choose to wear their hair. Our hair is our crown and we should love it to the fullest.


Beauty is confident, bold and unique.

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