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Mysteek Naturals Fyah Red-Mysteek Color Pop 1oz

This is a state of the art cream based product  designed to give those who don’t want to using harsh chemicals, dyes, developers, bleaches, and rinses that may not show up once it is applied .The Color Pop  covers dark and or light hair.This product washes out in 1 wash session. You may also reapply color daily to boost the color to your liking or change everyday without fear or color damage. Wash it out for work the next day or mix the colors to get the desired funky unique color you’d like. Does not flake off like chalk nor does it make your hair hard and or dry like other products. Have the color without the chemicals. ALL NATURAL! No harm…just electric colors! Ideal for Military women, children, males and females.

Mysteek Naturals Fyah Red-Mysteek Color Pop 1oz

  • Ingredients:
    Cera alba (beeswax),Petro Jelly, and Color pigment.


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